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September 11 - October 20, 2000

To commemorate Southern Methodist University’s 75 year commitment to the U.S. Federal Depository Library Program, staff in the Central University Libraries highlighted portions of the depository collection in an exhibit of vintage World War II posters, booklets, pamphlets, and ephemera.

On display were several posters produced by the British, Canadian, and United States governments. In addition, posters issued by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Czech resistance were displayed. Pamphlets are official government publications issued through the U.S. Depository program. 

Southern Methodist University joined the Federal Depository Library Program in 1925. The Federal Depository Library Program originated in the early 1800's when a joint resolution of Congress directed that additional copies of the House and Senate Journals and other documents be printed and distributed to institutions outside the Federal establishment. 

From that small beginning, the Federal Depository Library Program has grown into a system of close to 1,400 Federal depository libraries. Depository libraries are public, academic, or other types of libraries that are designated by Members of Congress or by law as official depositories. With few exceptions, congressional districts and territories of the United States have at least one Federal depository library. 

These libraries serve as the primary source for Government information to the people of these areas. Local business people, researchers, students, and many other Americans depend on the Federal Depository Library Program for important Government information.

Exhibit Details