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Dorothy Westapher, Dallas Book Binder


September 16 - December 14, 2001


A Passion for Flowers, An Eye for Detail


July 5 - August 24, 2001

The work in this exhibit was produced by students in the beginning and intermediate Botanical Art courses presented in the spring by SMU’s Informal Courses for Adults. Cynthia Padilla, professional artist and illustrator, was the instructor for the courses. Ms. Padilla offered Botanical Drawing again during the Informal Courses fall term.


"Mexican Dances"


March 12 - May 25, 2001

From March 12 through May 25, 2001, the Hawn Gallery exhibited selections from Mexican Dances, a portfolio of illustrations depicting dances and indigenous dance costumes from the regions of Mexico; the portfolio also contains examples of musical accompaniments for the dances.

The portfolio was published by Mexico City's Riveroll's Art Gallery in 1947. This exhibition was one of the events of SMU's "Spanish academic year," held in conjunction with the opening of the university's new facility for the Meadows Museum in March 2001.


Willard Clark - Santa Fe Printer and Printmaker


January 16 - March 2, 2001

"Called an artist my many, he said he was simply a craftsman. Living the majority of his life in modest anonymity, Willard Clark left scant evidence of how he conducted his printing business. Not only was there little traditional documentation useful to a biographer, Clark refused to grant any recorded interviews. He left a few albums of his commercial printing work, some scattered notes, and job tickets for no more than six months in the middle of a business that ran for thirteen years. In addition, we have recollections of a coworker from the 1930s, David Allen, and Clark's grandson, Kevin Ryan, to whom he taught the techniques of wood engraving and fine printing."

–Dr. David Farmer, Director of DeGolyer Library