About the Beachums

The Beachums

Jessica and Kelvin Beachum are both Texas natives. Kelvin is an active NFL athlete and an SMU graduate holding a BA in Economics (2010) and a Master of Liberal Studies in Organizational Dynamics (2012). He currently sits on the SMU Executive Boards for the Lyle School of Engineering and the Simmons School of Education. He is an alternate union rep for the NFL Players Association and a member of the NFLPA Brand Ambassador Program as well as a Players Inc. Advisory Committee member. Kelvin is also a member of the Players Coalition and sits on the Donors Choose Advisory Board. He is a professional speaker as well as an active investor, focusing mainly on the technology ecosystem. Jessica is a graduate of Baylor University (2011) and Duquesne University (2017) where she holds degrees in Sociology (BA) and Nursing (BSN), respectively. She is also a recent graduate of Arizona State University where she holds a Master of Science in Health Care Delivery. 

In addition to their professional careers, Jessica and Kelvin have spent their time and influence advocating for equity in education and business, working to end hunger, providing clean water access and encouraging under-represented youth to pursue STEM disciplines. They have a special focus on addressing the digital divide. 

The Jessica and Kelvin Beachum Family Collection follows the quest to learn the story of what has happened in the art historical canon, what is happening presently, and what is still to come in the future. The full collection consists and focuses on historical relevance, artist research and scholarship, and capturing the times. The pair began their art journey in 2013

“We want to look back on each piece and know it represents something we love, something we remember, something historically significant, or something we never want to forget. The intergenerational component is what is most special.”

Jessica and Kelvin reside in Arizona with their three children. 


For more information on Kelvin Beachum, please visit www.kelvinbeachum.com

About the Beachums