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July 5 - August 24, 2001

The genre of art known as “botanical” is a unique blend of art and science. Whether the purpose of the artist is chiefly art or chiefly science, the best works in the field always combine aesthetic appeal with an accuracy of detail that comes from close observation and objective rendering of the subject.

In the work exhibited here, the artists are clearly keeping the three qualities of a successful botanical artist in mind: the eye to recognize detail in plants, the ability to create the illusion of three dimension on a flat page through skilled use of shading and crosshatching techniques...and perhaps the most important quality of all – a passion for flowers.

The work in this exhibit was produced by students in the beginning and intermediate Botanical Art courses presented in the spring by SMU’s Informal Courses for Adults. Cynthia Padilla, professional artist and illustrator, was the instructor for the courses. Ms. Padilla offered Botanical Drawing again during the Informal Courses fall term.

background image by Cynthia Padilla

Exhibit Details