Agents of Change: Works by Arthur Koch

January 13 - February 16, 2014

Comment on the Agents of Change Series

Questions about the relationships of the words "natural" and "artificial" led me to realize that while wood is a natural material, unlike plastic and glass which I have also used; the process I applied to wood was a process that could be considered artificial.

Asking myself what process might be thought of as natural led to further questions, and the Agents of Change series. I attempted to allow the rhythms of growth and energy of wood to reveal themselves. That sense of energy remained even when masked by alterations by man or natural forces, which I named the Agents of Change.

This turned the making of art into a more passive activity, which I call "found processes."

All this name making is an attempt to keep myself from losing myself in this sea of questions. Nothing is as expressive as the wood itself.

— Arthur Koch